Research Proposal是申请科研性硕士、博士学位的一个必要材料。它的主要内容是陈述你对这个研究领域的了解与想法,也是未来导师最关心的部分。


研究计划(Research Proposal)

Research Proposal是申请科研性硕士、博士学位的一个必要材料。它的主要内容是陈述你对这个研究领域的了解与想法,也是未来导师最关心的部分。他们希望能从你的研究计划中发现你对做科研的热情以及对其研究领域方面的潜质。因此这份材料很可能成为你能否被录取的直接因素。
1.A title
2. A problem statement/question
3. A sub-problem statement
4. Hypotheses statement
5. Demarcation of the terrain of study (assumptions, limitations and delimitations)
6. Definition of terminology
7. Indication of the importance/significance of the study
8. Review of related literature
9. A careful and detailed analysis of the proposed research procedures
10. A time schedule
11. A budget (where applicable)
12. Researcher's qualifications
13.A resource list

There is no particular format for research proposals because each and every research project is different. The main requirement of a good research proposal is a good research question. It can be compared to a tree. If the tree has strong hold in the soil due to its deep and strong roots it can withstand furious winds. So, a good research paper requires a good analytical question which acts as strong roots.