Research Proposal是申请科研性硕士、博士学位的一个必要材料。它的主要内容是陈述你对这个研究领域的了解与想法,也是未来导师最关心的部分。


1. Schools of Business
Most M.B.A. candidates come from finance, consulting, and engineering backgrounds. But what if you’re a non-biz major? No problem. The key is to prove your proficiency with numbers. Nail the quantitative section of the GMAT, and, if you can, take a statistics or business accounting class before you apply. And get an A.
Admissions officers are obsessed with “fit” They want you to match well with their community. Your essays are the best opportunity to prove that you belong at a school. Study up on the program, and don’t be afraid to show who you really are - not who you think the admissions officers want.

Pick your recommenders carefully. Someone who knows you well is better than someone with a fancy title. Ask your recommender early. And take the time to sit down and remind him or her of all your accomplishments.

2. Schools of Law
Most law school applications have similar requirements including that you provide your LSAT scores, transcripts from all academic institutions that you have attended, letters of recommendation (generally two), law school personal statement, resume (often optional), and addendum (optional). Also, the LSDAS report is almost always required.
Your essay, sure, it’s important. And your personal statement allows you to emotionally connect with the overworked admit dean, but it’s less important than you’d imagine. Use it to pot some meat on the bare bones of your acronyms. Having something to write about is also critical (see below).
Are you experienced? Work experience is a great topic for personal statements. Volunteering for a legal aid society or working as a legal intern shows you’ve invested time in the field and have an inkling of what you’re getting into.
Know your audience. Find out where past graduates have landed. If the strengths of the school are aligned with your own ambitions, your application has a better chance.

3.Schools of Engineering
Undergraduate grades and GRE scores are the only objective ways that applicants from different schools can be compared, so scoring well is key. If your grades are not at the top of the class, getting an outstanding letter of recommendation from a professor who knows you and your work well may be a saving grace.
Most undergraduates have had some research experience, which is a good thing. Graduate programs value such experience highly and value students with work experience particularly if the work has some relevance to mechanical engineering.
·Show original thinking.
Do some independent study in your junior or senior year of college. After all, grad school gives you the chance to own a piece of research. They want to see a taste of independent thinking.

4.Schools of Education
Graduate programs aren’t just looking for applicants with strong transcripts; they are also looking for individuals committed to education. Whether you’re a mid-career professional looking to change jobs or an experienced instructor seeking to take your career to the next level, a demonstrated commitment to education can speak volumes about your potential to be a great teacher.
It’s all about attitude. Looking good on paper isn’t enough. Performance is an important aspect of teaching, and many schools are looking for poised candidates with some social seasoning. Cultivate your interpersonal skills.