Established in 2000, Shanghai Shangshi Overseas Education & Trip Consulting Service Co., Ltd (short for ¡°Shangshi Overseas Education¡±) is one of the first batches of legal and qualified professional agencies which are approved by Chinese Ministry of Education and specialized in intermediary service for self-funded study abroad, education training, international educational and cultural exchange. Shanghai Normal University (SHNU) is one of the organizers of Shangshi Overseas Education, and we keep a strong connection with the university. SHNU was founded in 1954, for 50 years since the founding of the university, SHNU has cultivated 1,200,000 talents of various domains, and most of them became teachers and educational management members in Shanghai, Zhejiang Province, and Jiangsu Province. Almost 70 percent of teachers and headmasters of the primary and middle schools in Shanghai are SHNU alumni.

Over the 14 years, we have become one of the leaders in our industry. We provide excellent service to students and working professionals who are intended to study abroad, and enjoy trustfulness from the residents in Shanghai and the nearby provinces of East China. We help students and their families to choose appropriate overseas education institutions, and provide considerate assistance in education planning, school application, and visa application. For our partner schools, we offer opportunities to meet families and potential students in China. By keeping close contacts with them, we are able to understand the application and enrollment procedure, and school culture as well, so that we could act as a communication bridge between partner schools and potential students.

With the strong support from Shanghai Normal University, we have built up cooperation with almost 50 Universities, colleges and High Schools in Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta. In addition, we also have close relations with diverse Language Centers, Agents and Consulates in China. From 2000, we have cooperated with more than 50 universities, colleges and high schools abroad, and we have been authorized to represent for over 20 of them in China. We have a stable relationship with all the partners during these 12 years, and we are still seeking partners for further cooperation. So we can proudly to say that we are the leading overseas education agent in Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta and we do will to develop a close relationship with your university in the near future.

We expect to contact with and know more specific schools and information, in order to meet the demands of students at different levels, and to co-operate tightly with more schools of different types.


Head Office: 10J, Hengji Plaza, 99 Huaihai Dong Rd, Shanghai, China
Contact: Sandy Wu/ 
Number of Employees: 86